About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and a warm welcome to you. I believe you were drawn to my page for a reason. My name is Cheryl and I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner (and a certified member of the Reiki Association of Australia) who was drawn to Reiki many years ago. My family has a long history with both the spiritual and mystical and I was drawn to Reiki after studying and applying various spiritual modalities.

I believe our mind, body, and spirit are all connected yet sometimes they are out of sync and need help to be balanced and realigned. I am passionate about helping people to improve their wellness and to ease pain and suffering.  Reiki isn't part of any type of religion or belief system. It is often described as a complimentary therapy that balances energy (chakra) fields. As a Reiki Practitioner, my aim is to try and balance the energy fields in and around your body to assist on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki for Dogs

It has been long believed that Dogs are highly intuitive, aware of their surroundings and energy. Some people believe that they have a sixth sense and due to this are highly tuned to their senses and open to energy - their senses are much more heightened than us mere mortals. I believe this is true and most dogs are open to energy and Reiki. The effectiveness of Reiki is up to its receiver. If your pet is open to the process of Reiki, their ability to find peacefulness and expel nervous or negative energy will be exceptionally higher. 

Please note, Reiki is not a replacement for Veterinary care. Please consult your vet if your animal is sick and suffering from any undiagnosed condition.